MIS High School


The PYP curriculum is a key part of the entire M.I.S. educational philosophy because we believe in building the future starting with our youngest learners. Teachers at Mehr-e-Taban Academy go to great lengths to develop the whole child and to foster intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth in each of our students.

The core subjects of Math, Language arts, Science, and Social Studies are taught by grade level teachers. The weekly schedule of kindergarten to 5th grade students also includes Visual Arts, Music, ICT, PSPE, Persian, Ethics and French for grades 3-5. MIS teachers focus on developing respectful and responsible students.

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Basis of M.I.S

Analytical thinking, caring, taking calculated risks, communicating, keeping an open mind, seeking knowledge, and being a balanced, inquiring, reflective thinker, are the traits that form the basis of M.I.S. academics.

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