Transformative Education and Global Citizens

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Enrollment at Mehr-e-Taban Academy promises an enriching educational journey, fostering the development of students into lifelong learners poised for success in an ever-evolving world.



Mehr-e-Taban takes pride in providing students with diverse personalized learning pathways. These individualized approaches aim to cultivate confident, empowered, and globally aware citizens.


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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: The Mehr-e-Taban Commitment to Transformative Education and Global Citizenship

Mehr-e-Taban is dedicated to providing transformative education, fostering critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. Our commitment extends to nurturing caring, respectful, and culturally aware individuals. We aim to develop lifelong learners with a global perspective, empowering them to address complex challenges locally and globally.

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Elementary School

In the Elementary School, our emphasis on flexible learning experiences and inquiry based learning fosters an individualized educational journey, enabling students to explore and identify their areas of interest.

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Middle School

In the Middle School, we integrate critical thinking and conceptual understanding to empower students in exploring their individual interests more deeply

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High School

The elective courses within the Diploma program enable students to delve more profoundly into their interests, equipping them for future endeavors.

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Our Community

Our overarching goal at Mehr-e-Taban is to foster Transformative Education and nurture Global Citizens. Administrators, teachers, and staff are pivotal in guiding our students towards this transformative journey.

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Mehr-e-Taban, comprising MBS and MIS, has been a leading educational institution since 1993. With five Shiraz campuses and around 2000 students, Mehr Taban Academy provides high-quality education, blending Persian and English instruction.

MBS focuses on biliteracy, offering Persian and English education with an active community spirit. MIS, founded on MBS's expertise, follows international standards and emphasizes individual achievement, offering IB programs.

Under Director Zahra Goorangi, MIS fosters a close-knit community, embracing diversity and international-mindedness. The high school curriculum includes language courses, and the IB Diploma recognizes students' language proficiency.

Mehr-e-Taban is a hub for quality education, blending cultural diversity and international standards.

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Experience Mehr-e-Taban firsthand by scheduling a personalized tour. Explore our state-of-theart facilities, meet our dedicated faculty, and discover the transformative educational environment we offer. Book your tour now and embark on a journey to witness excellence in education.


Ms. Zahra Goorangi

Founding Director

From the Director

Welcome to the heart of Mehr-e-Taban Academy

A place where education is not just a journey but an adventure! Our academy, home to Mehr-e-Taban Biliteracy-promoting School (MBS) and Mehr-e-Taban International School (MIS), has been illuminating minds since 1993. Whether it's the unique blend of Persian and English education at MBS, or the high expectations for individual achievement at MIS, where English is the language of instruction and a world-class curriculum is the norm, we are dedicated to fostering a love for learning. MIS is a close-knit community where every student, from diverse backgrounds, contributes to a tapestry of global perspectives. Join us at MIS, where education is not just about excellence but about creating lasting connections and a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

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Latest Happenings

February 20 2024

Colors of Compassion International Charity Festival

Unleash your artistry at "Colors of Compassion" in Dubai!
Join Mehr-e-Taban IB School for a transformative event celebrating empathy,...

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February 07 2024

2024-2025 Academic Year Online Application

Dear applicants,
We are pleased to announce that the online application for all grades for the 2024-2025
Academic Year is now open. You can s...

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June 15 2024

2024-25 New Applicants Interview Results

We extend our warm congratulations as we embrace the arrival of the blossoming season in the enchanting Mehr-e-Taban garden. May this season bring...

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